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Will a blower increase the heat output of a fireplace?

There is nothing better than getting home from work on a cold day and sitting in front of your fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate. There’s just one thing, the heat doesn’t feel warm enough and you can still feel the icy chill from outside. If you have installed a gas fireplace,...

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Winter furnace maintenance

Getting your furnace ready before winter is beneficial if you do not want to have unnecessary maintenance during the cold days. If you have not used your furnace during the summer, it can easily need repairs as it would have been standing unattended for a few m...

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Can I install a flat screen LCD / LED TV above a gas fireplace?

Having a gas fireplace in your living room will ensure you and your family stay warm during the cold and snowy winter months. To make your home living more comfortable, many people tend to mount a LCD or LED TV right above their gas fireplace as this is becomin...

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What is the difference between single speed versus variable speed furnace blowers

What is the difference between single speed versus variable speed furnace blowers If you need to have your furnace replaced, it is best to make an informed decision between variable and single speed furnace blowers. Choosing the r...

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Advantages of a Direct Vent Fireplace

Direct vent fireplaces are becoming more and more popular with today’s homeowners, particularly for homes that do not have built-in fireplaces. But what is a direct vent fireplace, and why are they so desirable? Put simply, a direct vent fireplace is a factory-built gas

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How to Improve Your Fireplace

When living in the colder climates of the world, a fireplace is one of the most beneficial assets your home can have, providing heat as well as the visual and emotional appeal of a warm hearth. However, due to their substantial nature, they are often overlooked when considering possible overhauls or a...

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