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Does My Central Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

Does My Central Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

Among other reasons, it’s important to keep your central air conditioner running well to

1) improve the air quality in your home;

2) improve the unit’s efficiency and extend its life; and

3) reduce costly repairs.

How Can You Reduce the Frequency and Cost of A/C Repairs?

(Please note: If your unit is under warranty—or it’s almost time for your annual

service—you may not want to attempt any of the following DIY steps.)1. Shut off the power to the unit.

2. Remove debris from around and on top of the unit.

3. After carefully removing the fan cage, remove leaves and other debris that may have gotten inside.

4. Take off the outer covers and use the brush attachment on a powerful shop vacuum to carefully remove dirt from the outside of the unit. Then, use a gentle stream from a garden hose (NOT a pressure washer) and spray
through the fins from the inside out to remove dirt and debris. While fin cleaning spray is available, if the fins are particularly dirty, it may be best to contact a professional.

5. Clean or replace the air filter if it’s dirty.

6. Reassemble the unit.

7. Turn the power on.

When to Get Your A/C Unit Serviced Professionally

1. You hear a strange noise when you turn on the A/C.
A/C units typically run quietly. If you hear an unusual noise, you’ll want to
turn off the unit and contact a professional.

2. The unit doesn’t blow cool air. Obviously, the purpose of an A/C unit is to cool your home. If it isn’t doing so,
and you’ve checked the unit and everything appears to be free of debris and clogs, give the professionals a call.

3. The unit runs constantly but doesn’t adequately cool your home. Your unit will run more on particularly hot days, but if it doesn’t cool your home to the desired temperature, it may need servicing. If the air filter is
clean and the unit is still not cooling your home as it should be, it’s time to call a professional. Note: It’s possible your unit is not big enough for the job.

4. The unit starts and stops frequently. As is the case with many A/C units that are not working properly, the air filter may need cleaning or replacing if the unit starts and stops repeatedly. A professional can address the issue if it’s caused by low refrigerant levels or a frozen or dirty evaporator coil. Note: Your unit may be too big for your home.

5. There is no airflow or the airflow is weak. If the unit is not keeping your home at the temperature you’ve set, the blower or fan motor may need to be repaired or replaced. If the airflow is not what it should be and the air filter is clean, you’ll want to contact a professional.

6. You receive higher-than-expected energy bill. While your bill is likely higher in the summer, if you are frequently running your air conditioner, your bill seems unusually high, the air filter is clean, and the outdoor condenser seems free of excessive dirt, it’s time to call a pro.

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